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What's to love?

Whoa! One minute I’m a happy little bean, floating in warm and cosy nothingness, then WHAM BAM I’m out in the world and all on my ownsome. So much to see, smell, taste and touch. And you expect ME to sleep like a BABY!!? I’m so happy NONOMO® has worked out just what it takes to help me do that.

I’m gurgling glad somebody gets it that I still love that cosy, cocooned-in-the-womb feeling. That my slowly straightening newborn spine sometimes needs the gentle curve of a hammock, rather than a solid flatbed crib, cot or basket. That I miss the mommy motion that gently rocked me up and down while I was a skimpy scan. That when I cry or get colicky, what I want is simply a bit of bob and bounce to soothe me to slumberland. And oooh, your springy spring and magic motor do that so well.

My sensitive skin loves the soft feel of the organic fabrics. I like the AeroSleep® mattress protection, that wicks away my every dribble and drool and helps me sleep safe. And I appreciate that you’ve gone to the trouble to make the whole kit and kaboodle so smartly Scandi-stylish and practical for my grownups. I really do want them to be happy. The natural colours, the topple-proof Tipi stand and those handy ceiling fixings. They can even dangle me from a tree with a mozzie net popped over me (another thoughtful extra) so I can hang out with them in the great outdoors. You and I, we’re both nature lovers. And you’ve made sure my hammock is made from all things planet friendly. Nice to know somebody cares about my future.

I don’t want to be a day-destroying, bawling baby monster. I really, really don’t. Thank you, NONOMO®, for helping me be the darling bundle of joy they ordered. So that I can make them as happy as my perfectly designed swinging hammock makes me...

We understand. We really do. We’ve been there, done that, got the milk-stained T-shirt. You feel like you’ve been baby bombed. (sigh) Will ‘normal’ life ever resume?

Yes, yes, yes! Teeny tiny babies need a massive 17 hours sleep a day. The trick is to help them get it. Enter, TA DA, the NONOMO® swinging hammock. The sleep system that does so much more than a crib, cot or basket to gently wean babies away from sleeping with you, on you and instead of you! Created by parents, for parents. Designed to cocoon your baby softly and securely, its spine-cradling curved shape and bobbing motion mimic the soothing environment of the womb and lull your baby into sleep. (You can thank us later.)

Hang your hammock from our topple-proof Tipi stand, the ceiling or even a tree. So your baby can hang out with you anywhere and everywhere, while you work, rest and play. They stay close, you stay happy. For maximum calming effect, you can set the speed and timing on the motorised bouncer to suit your little one’s preferences.

NONOMO®’s smart Scandi-stylish and high-quality materials mean it’ll look good anywhere in the home. And away? The hammock fits neatly into its own carry bag and weighs next to nothing. The innovative AeroSleep® mattress protection keeps air flowing freely around your baby’s face and wicks away fluids, keeping them high and dry. And the perforated mesh sides mean your precious is never out of sight, or out of mind.

Peaceful baby, peace of mind for you. We’ve been making our swinging hammocks for over 12 years, gathering up enough health and safety certificates along the way to cover a biggish nursery wall. All the fabrics and materials we use are baby-safe, organic or planet friendly.

Once you’ve tried NONOMO®, life will never be the same. For your baby, or for you. And if only babies could talk and tell you just how much they love us. Ooh, maybe they can…

Our values


When it comes to your baby, we make no compromises. And for this reason, safety is also a top priority at NONOMO®.


Fair, honest, and transparent. This is our claim to quality, function, manufacturing and appearance.


Designed to cocoon your baby softly and securely, its spine-cradling curved shape and bobbing motion mimic the soothing environment of the womb and lull your baby into sleep.


The hammock is made from all things organic or planet friendly because we care about your child’s future.