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Recommendation from experts about the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock

Who does not love good feedback! We always enjoy reading feedbacks from our customers about the sweet dreams of their little once. At the same time, we love hearing from experts such as midwives, gynocologists and baby therapists about their successful baby dream stories!

More than 245 baby health experts and especially midwives recommend our NONOMO® already.
See here why five of our experts love rocking baby's to sleep in our hammocks:

Baby Hammock mounted to the door clamp Baby Hammock mounted to the door clamp

Sina Gellißen, midwife

I recommend the hammock from Nonomo, it is the perfect all-rounder when it comes to baby cradles. Natural materials combined with a back-friendly lying position for newborns and infants. Babies and children calm down very quickly due to the various options for movements and sleep very quietly and yet safely.

Simply a real all-rounder!

Grey baby hammock top view Grey baby hammock top view

Anna Porth, gynecologist

The hammock does not just look beautiful, but is also a good everyday helper. The gentle movements of the cradle quickly calm the babies down and they fall asleep peacefully.

natural coloured baby hammock front view natural coloured baby hammock front view

Larissa Launspach, midwife

Already during the assembly of the hammock and the tipi stand, I was very surprised by the good quality of the frame and the pleasant fabric of the hammock.

It is not only an eye-catcher in any home, but also a great help for all parents who can hardly put down their newborn. One mom told me that it took a few days for her child to accept the hammock, however it then became the favorite place for extensive naps - to the delight of the mom, who was only able to put the little one to sleep in the sling.

Based on several such positive reports, as a midwife I am happy to recommend the hammock.

natural coloured baby hammock in a stand natural coloured baby hammock in a stand

Madeleine Franzwa, midwife

I recommend the Nonomo hammock to most families who ask me about a suitable sleeping place for their baby already during pregnancy, because in my opinion, it is one of the few baby-friendly sleeping places. I am often asked in postpartum care why the newborn doesn't want to sleep in the playpen, crib or side bed and my answer is always that these sleeping places do not meet the natural needs of an infant.

So as an alternative I recommend the Nonomo hammock, also because it is made of harmless materials and can simplify the everyday life of parents greatly.

grey baby hammock grey baby hammock

Leonina Koschützke, midwife

The feather cradle helps the baby be gently rocked to sleep, and babies usually calm down quickly with the gentle rocking. The fabric surrounds the baby and gives it the feeling that the world is "limited" for the moment, just like in the womb.

The spring cradle is therefore a good addition to daily carrying. Especially when children are very restless or even "high-need babies" (cry babies), the Nonomo is a great relief for parents because it gives you at least short breaks to breathe.

Of course, it doesn't replace bonding or physical contact, but it complements it in a great way. It attaches either via a carabiner in the ceiling  or to a stand, so it really can be hung anywhere.

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