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Our history

Who are we?

NONOMO® has been soothing babies all the way to slumberland since 2010. Our beautifully designed and crafted swinging hammocks help little ones get to sleep, while grown-ups get on with their lives.

How where we born?

So, here’s a bedtime story. Once upon a time, there were two loving but exhausted parents. Their baby just couldn’t get to sleep unless they were gently rocked up and down, up and down. Sometimes for hours. If only, those tired parents thought, there was a way to recreate that bobbing mommy motion that was the only thing that worked. It didn’t exist, so they had to invent it. And thus the springy, swinging hammocks was born. So simple, yet so effective. Created by parents, for parents.

Our ingenious parents also wanted their hammock to be made from the very best materials in the very best way. When they couldn’t find anyone that lived up to their high standards to do it, they decided DIY was the only way. NONOMO® started in the summer of 2010, on a single kitchen table. It quickly became a loved and trusted brand in many homes around Europe.

With happy babies in mind, we were always looking for the best and softest materials. Natural cotton and wooden materials were not just used to give babies all that they deserved, but were also made to give parents a beautiful piece of furniture with which they'd enjoy the first months and years of their little angels.

QLEVR took over with the same love in 2021.

Known to meet real needs of parents with innovative, smart and spot-on solutions, QLEVR was looking for little sister brands for their happy baby brands family then made of AeroSleep, AeroMoov and Puckababy. Driven with values of professionalism, creativity and eagerness, a team made of parents and professionals looked at the products inside out and upside down, kept the best and improved where we saw potential - simply because we value the hammock time as much as our customers do!

We were driven to create the safest and most helpful products for parents. Today, even softer, breathable materials replace the organic cotton of the hammock. The built-in AeroSleep® 3D mattress protector is made for the best possible development of the child and gives parents a break of no worry. In combination with the accessoiries it's 3,2,1, happy ever after!

Our values


When it comes to your baby, we make no compromises. And for this reason, safety is also a top priority at NONOMO®.


Fair, honest, and transparent. This is our claim to quality, function, manufacturing and appearance.


Designed to cocoon your baby softly and securely, its spine-cradling curved shape and bobbing motion mimic the soothing environment of the womb and lull your baby into sleep.


The hammock is made from all things organic or planet friendly because we care about your child’s future.