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FAQ about NONOMO® Swinging Hammock

If you have any questions concerning our NONOMO® products, you can find the answer in our FAQs.


NONOMO® has been soothing babies all the way to slumberland since 2010. Our beautifully designed and crafted swinging hammocks help little ones get to sleep or simply relax, while grown-ups get on with their lives.

Whenever we can, we try to keep our miles down by sourcing locally, and our impact low by using eco-friendly materials. But always with quality and safety front of mind – our planet is precious, and so is your child!

The hammock is made from machine washable Polyester and is 100% recyclable, the spreader bar is solid untreated FSC oak. So much to love!

We’re so happy! More than 240 midwives and other baby health experts recommend our NONOMO® Swinging Baby Hammock. They praise the ‘back friendly’ sleeping position, and the ‘rocking rhythm’ that soothes babies to sleep without the risk or reawakening when they’re put down. They comment on the quality of the design, materials and craftsmanship. So lovely to know we’re getting it right!

Safe sleep solution

Yes, our swinging hammocks are perfectly OK for your little one to sleep in. They’ve been designed for safety, security and to guarantee maximum airflow around tiny faces. They’re perfect for daytime naps while you get on with your life around them – we do recommend that a grown-up stays close by while they’re snoozing.

So many good things to tell you about NONOMO® Swinging Hammocks! Let’s start with the shape. Softly curved to support growing spines and cocoon your baby in comfort. Then there’s the rocking motion. It recreates that soothingly familiar mommy motion and sends them oh-so-gently off to sleep. How about the stunningly practical and good-looking design? Plus, they’ve been independently tested and certified, just to add to that peaceful, easy feeling they bring to every home!

The NONOMO® Swinging Baby Hammock has been safely tested up to 15kg.

Our hammock is perfectly, ergonomically designed for babies’ growing spines. The hammock’s natural shape puts them in the same slightly curled sleeping position they’ve been in during their last few months in the womb. Unlike flat cots and cribs, the softness of the NONOMO® hammock creates a gentle curve. This means your baby's body weight is distributed evenly all over their back, taking the pressure off the coccyx and shoulders and allowing the back of the head to develop correctly. Next to the cocooning advantage of all our hammocks, inside the premium hammock, the firm AeroSleep® mattress protector gives them all the support they need to sleep extra safe.

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Short answer, no. The NONOMO® Swinging Hammock is perfect for daytime naps in the living room, on the go, while you are cooking, or relaxing or simply when you want to keep baby close by. At night, we recommend a crib or cot, either next to you or in Baby’s own bedroom.

How to use?

Just hang your NONOMO® Swinging Hammock wherever you like – from a stand, the ceiling or a tree, if that’s your fancy. All it takes to set it gently swinging on its spring is a gentle push from you, or just the movement of your baby as they settle down and relax. As soon as they fall asleep and are lying still, the hammock will naturally slow down and stop.

If you want longer or more rhythmic rocking, use the ceiling fixture or a stand and you can add the Move motor to the mix. Set the speed and duration your baby likes best, set the hammock with gentle pushes in motion until the motor picks up the movement after a moment until it softly soothe your baby all the way to the Land of Nod all on its own. Don’t worry, your darling will still need you when they wake up!

The gentle swaying of the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock recreates the soothing movement that your baby experienced in the womb, or the comforting feeling they get as you rock them to sleep. The spring has been tensioned to set up the ideal level of vibration to perfectly calm and relax. Just how fast and how strong the hammock’s movement is will depend on the weight of your child.

Follow the simple instructions via this link

Our NONOMO® Door Frame Clamp should be used only with the Swinging Baby Hammock. The maximum load for the door frame clamp and ceiling fixture is 15kg. For safety reasons, it is important that there is a big enough gap between the hammock and the door frame. Stay safe – please read and follow the instructions via this link.

Yes, the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock can be hung from a ceiling – if your ceiling is concrete or solid wood. Use the fixing kit, screws and plugs provided with your hammock and follow the instructions in our manual for safe mounting via this link. In any case of doubt on how to install the ceiling fixture, please contact a specialist from your area to help you. We are not responsible for any mal-installation.

About the Move Motor

The NONOMO® Move Motor can only be used in countries where there is a power supply for the AC voltage range from 100 to 240 volts.

  1. Lie your baby down in the NONOMO® hammock, making sure you support their headand neck while you do it.
  2. Turn the motor TIMER dial all the way up. The green LED will light up.
  3. Turn the SPEED dial to maximum.
  4. Move the wooden spacer bar gently up and down
    until the green LED light starts flashing. follow the rhythm of the motor when you move the wooden spacer bar gently up and down at the start. If you push too fast or too slow, the motor will not start operating.
  5. You can now set the controls to rock at baby’s favourite speed, for as long as you need.

Before switching on the power adapter, make sure that there are no batteries in the battery box.

Power is supplied by six 1.5V LR6 (AA) batteries (these are not supplied with the product).

IMPORTANT: When running on batteries, the power adapter plug must be removed.

If the light is red and constantly on:

  • Battery empty
  • Malfunction
  • Drive blocked
  • Max. vibration amplitude exceeded
  • G-forces exceeded

If the light is red and blinking, then the battery level is low.

If the light is green and constantly on, the motor is ready for operation.

If the light is green and blinking, the motor is operating.

It is important to follow the rhythm of the motor when you move the wooden spacer bar gently up and down at the start. If you push too fast or too slow, the motor will not start operating.

  1. Turn the motor TIMER dial all the way up. The green LED will light up.
  2. Turn the SPEED dial to maximum.
  3. Move the wooden spacer bar gently up and down until the green LED light starts flashing.

Tips & tricks

We don’t recommend using our hammocks for overnight sleeping. At night, put your baby to sleep in a firm cot, either next to you or in their own bedroom. But a swinging hammock is perfect for daytime naps while you relax, work, cook... or just catch up with your life with baby or toddler close by.

Sometimes babies just crave a parent’s closeness to calm down. It can help soothe them if you wash the hammock before usage so it has a familiar scent. Next to that, try using the hammock when they’re already quiet and relaxed, be gentle when you put them down, and always keep eye contact with them so that they don’t feel alone. Give it time! Your baby might just need to get used to something new.

The NONOMO® is designed to work without a restraining belt. The top, the snap fasteners, and especially the high sidewalls which wrap around your child, all prevent them from falling out of the cradle. So, your baby is protected every which way – but what to do when they start exploring?

Many babies have developed the motor skills to sit up or turn around in the NONOMO® at about 9 months. If your baby can already walk by then, this is not a problem. You can lower the NONOMO® hanging position using the extension chain, and open the buttons so that your child can safely climb out on their own.

If your baby can sit up but cannot yet stand and walk by themself... Be careful! In this case, we advise you to perhaps take a NONOMO® break until your child can stand and walk freely. Or use the NONOMO® just for sleeping. A wide-wake child in need of its momma could just find a way to climb out! At this stage, only use your hammock watched over by a grown-up. the simple instructions via this link

So, how long in one go? You can use the NONOMO® Swinging Hammock for as long as your child feels comfortable in it. We recommend you don’t leave your child in it for longer than 4 hours at a time.

Yes! It’s the perfect combination of comfort and cosy. Go for it!

Washing instructions

Even the most lovable munchkins get messy. Luckily, your hammock fabric is easy to remove and wash. Just slide out the wooden bar and remove the chains and clips. Take out the foam mattress insert, leaving the mattress protector in place – it’s stitched into the premium hammock. Then simply put the fabric in the washing machine at maximum 30ºC. Dry naturally in the open air, no ironing needed.

When washing your premium hammock, there’s no need to take out the mattress protector (it's sown onto the hammock). But do remove the foam mattress inside – it’ll just slip out of the front, easy peasy. The mattress protector makes sure the mattress stays dry, clean and hygienic.

Twin & toddler hammocks

At QLEVR, we are committed to offer you only the best for you and your baby. That's why we focused on redesigning the baby hammock first to fit your needs even better. You can be ensured that we have further product upgrades, redesigns and extensions in the pipeline.

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