We can finally see the sun in the sky more often and feel its pleasant warmth on our skin. Summer is a joy! However, it can quickly change from warm to boiling hot. This also raises the following questions for many parents: "What is the best way to prepare for the hot days with a baby?" and "what do I need to consider?"

What effects can the heat have on your baby?

It is more difficult for babies and children to maintain their body temperature in very hot weather. A child's body temperature rises faster than an adult's and children are more vulnerable to the effects of the heat (on their bodies). They are also more at risk of overheating or of becoming dehydrated than adults. This is partly because they do not sweat as much as adults, which impairs their ability to cool down. Since babies' sweat glands are not fully developed, they are prone to heat rash or heat exhaustion. Did you know that UV rays are even more dangerous for children than for adults? This is because children's skin is about five times thinner than ours.

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What can I do?

  1. Use ph-neutral products when bathing your baby.
  2. Use clothes made of cotton or Tencel. These should be as breathable as possible.
  3. Avoid the midday sun and direct sunlight.
  4. Remember to put a hat on your child.
  5. Use sunscreen with SPF 50.
  6. Make sure your child drinks a lot and/or breastfeed!
  7. Use a light summer sleeping bag for sleeping. You can find very light and breathable ones at Puckababy. You can feel if your baby is too warm by checking the back of your baby's neck. If your baby is damp and sweaty, it means your baby is too warm.
  8. Cool and properly ventilate your house (at night/in the morning). But be careful to protect your child from direct draughts.

Leisure activities with a baby or toddler in the summer

On hot days, you should keep your baby out of the blazing midday sun as much as possible and generally stay in the shade. A walk through the forest is ideal with a child. The leafy canopy provides better protection from extreme heat and direct UV radiation. A refreshing bath can also bring relief. On hot summer days a temperature of 35 to 36 is optimal. Alternatively, you can let the little ones play with a damp washcloth. Not only is this a pleasant pastime, but it also cools little hands and gives teething babies something to chew on.

Signs of dehydration

  • Your baby is very thirsty
  • Your baby has fewer wet nappies
  • Your baby is more tired than usual and has less energy
  • Your baby is pale and has tired eyes
  • Your baby cries with fewer tears
  • Your baby seems confused and restless
  • Your baby starts breathing faster

Our product recommendations for hot summer days:

NONOMO Swinging Hammock

Let your baby swing up and down gently in our NONOMO Swinging Hammock. Your little one is always by your side when you use this frame/door frame clamp, which also allows you to keep an eye on your baby's temperature and well-being.

Puckababy swaddle bag or sleeping bag

Babies don't have to sacrifice their comfort or feeling of security during the summer. The Tencel summer swaddle bag and 4-season sleeping bag from Puckababy make this a breeze.

AeroSleep mattress protector

Use an air-permeable mattress protector on your baby’s mattress to keep your child's temperature constant. Your baby can sleep on an air layer thanks to the 3D technology of the AeroSleep mattress protector. This air layer quickly dissipates any excess heat.

AeroMoov AirLayer

It can get pretty warm for our little ones in their seats on a car journey in the summer. The AeroMoov car seat liner, the AirLayer, is perfect for protecting them from overheating. It is equipped with a 3D air layer and facilitates constant air circulation around the back, legs and head. No more complaints about a wet back or sticky hair!